Wild beauty of Dam Trau Beach


Dam Trau Beach is the most beautiful beach where has been symbolic to a yellow ribbon tied across the green carpet, half woods half astride let loose on the surface. A steep cliffs punctuated look majestic mountains, a gentle rocky slopes stretching as far as the water’s edge offering friendly. The impression of the majestic mountains, deep feeling of blue sea and endless inspiration for anyone in this place, even the most demanding visitors to see softened . Choose a suitable location and the other recounting the tale of Dam Trau and Cau Island, swimming , bathing , …

Beauty of Con Dao (471)

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If you want to explore ecosystems such as coastal wetlands in the Mekong Delta, visitors should walk across the rocks on the left to the beach with small lagoon. With many species of submerged vegetation such as water coconut, mangrove trees, … growing on mud ground along streams during the rainy season, water flows down from the top of the canyon and the water becomes warm so called hot stream.

See more video of Con Dao Island and Dam Trau beach by flycam




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