Trekking and Adventure: See the beauty of Con Dao


Let our professionals show you many of the secret spots of Con Dao Island

Enjoy unique adventures around Con Dao with fun excursions planned by yourself or a tour organizers. From squid fishing, hiking to the lighthouse, coral and marine discoveries, and much more.

Hiking in Tropical Rain Forest

Begin your journey behind Con Dao township; venture into the Rain Forest and ready yourself for a climb of 260 metres above sea level to visit the So Ray Plantation. You can come across rare and endemic species such as Con Dao Long Tailed Macaque and playful Con Dao Giant Black Squirrels.

For the adventurous, continue your hike down through the lesser traveled North side of Con Dao and rest your feet in the waters at the stunning Ong Dung Bay.

Con Dao - So Ray 1

Condao view from So Ray plantation

Trekking to the Lighthouse

A 30 minute ride by speedboat will lead to the beautiful island of Bay Canh where the adventure begins; a two to two and a half hour trek through the dense forest leads you to one of Con Dao’s most important landmarks. Construction of the Bay Canh Lighthouse was between 1883 and 1885 is located one of the highest points in on Bay Canh island at 226 meters above sea level.

Con Dao - Lighthouse

Lighthouse on Bay Canh Island

Fishing Trip

What better way to spend the early morning than on a boat feeling sea breeze against your skin against the backdrop of Con Dao Archipelago.  We recommend you take this trip with an Island local who has been plying the waters around Con Dao for many years on his converted, but simple, fishing boat.

Shark Fishing in Con Dao Island

Shark Fishing in Con Dao Island

Catamaran Sailing

A sailing experience aboard a Hobie catamaran is a little bit of heaven. Sail, feel the soft breeze on your face and see the beauty and charm Con Dao has to offer, from the picturesque fisherman boats to that point in the horizon where the sky seems to blend with the sea.

Catamaran Sailing

Catamaran Sailing

Six Senses Condao



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