Take a virtual journey through Con Dao Island


Con Dao Islands are one of the star attractions in Vietnam. Long the Devil’s Island of Indochina, the preserve of political prisoners and undesirables, this place is now turning heads thanks to its striking natural beauty. In addition to hiking, diving and exploring empty coastal roads and deserted beaches, there are some excellent wildlife-watching opportunities such as the black giant squirrel and the endemic bow-fingered gecko.

The waters of Con Dao Island are a tourist magnet because of their magical blue color. Dam Trau is one of the most popular beaches in the island because of its crystal clear waters. Evergreen trees also flourish and seem to shelter the whole area, a guarantee of fresh air and pure relaxation all the time. No matter what or where beach one may be at Con Dao though, the sunrise and sunset are always spectacular, so people are also in for another treat.

The first impression of any tourists when coming to Con Dao is the majestic mountains, pristine nature filled with the taste of the sea. Con Dao owns 200 kilometers of coastline with dozens of beautiful and unspoiled beaches, clear blue water and the colorful coral reefs such as An Hai, Dam Trau, Lo Voi, Peppers Springs, Hon Ba … All always brings excitement and novelty for tourists to here. Depending on their “taste”, tourists can choose the quiet and peaceful space for a sweet holiday or find the beaches where they can contemplate the sparkling coral reefs, different kinds of fish in the sea when the tide is low. Moreover, tourists visits Con Dao Vietnam should not miss the trips to Con Dao National Park, the home to 285 spices of plants, including many typical spices for forest of the North, Central, South and more than 100 species of birds, endemic mammals and many rare animal products such as hawksbill, green sea turtle…

Let join us to discover the beauty of Con Dao Island through pictures of local photographers.




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