Con Dao – The attractive destination for tourists


With dense forests, blue sea and endless white sands, Con Dao is worthy of top destination for tourists. Con Dao is not only a famous prisons system with many camps, such as Phu Hai, Phu Tuong or Phu Binh … and the confinement method is hard to imagine as tiger cages, cow barn … but also the beauty of wild nature and the blue beaches. You will explore the diversity of primary forest Ong Dung – So Ray, to recognize rich nature when fishing at Bong Lan Island, squid fishing in Tau Be cap, to be fascinated with the beauty of the sea before the colorful coral reefs at Hon Tre or seeing turtles laying on Bay Canh Island at night.

Con Dao is known for beautiful beaches, blue sea and long sand-bank shaded by rows of ancient tropical almond tree. Con Dao National Park is known for its biodiversity, primary forests, rich flora and fauna and diversity with many colorful fish swimming around the multi-storey, colorful coral reef. In forests there are many endemic species, such as, orchid, black squirrel, red squirrel, chanting birds … Especially, Con Dao is one of two places in Vietnam (Phu Quoc ) having Dugongidae species (Dugong). Also on Con Dao Island, tourists can see dolphins, sea turtles (green turtles)…

Besides the historical jail systems in the center of town and Hang Duong Cemetery, tourists cannot ignore some place-name such as Dam Trau beach, Nhat beach, Ca Map cap, Love Mountain, Bay Canh Island, Tai island, Nui Mot pagoda, etc.

  1. Shark Cape

Con Dao – The attractive destination for tourists - shark cave

Shark Cape – it owns a wonderful beach with long coastline and soft sands. Thanks to perfect location, one side is boundless sea and the other side is vertical cliffs, Shark Cape is so beautiful that we could hardly describe in words.

Shark Cape is extremely natural and pristine. There are many activities for you to partake in such as swimming, camping, organizing a party or do whatever you like. If you are a nature lover, do not miss contemplate the dawn over Shark Cape. This will give you an unforgettable experience for the rest of your life.

  1. Dam Trau Beach

Con Dao – The attractive destination for tourists - Dam trau beach

Located in the north of main island, Dam Trau Beach has been symbolic to a yellow ribbon tied across the green carpet, half woods half astride let loose on the surface.

A steep cliff punctuated look majestic mountains, a gentle rocky slopes stretching as far as the water’s edge offering friendly. The impression of the majestic mountains, deep feeling of blue sea and endless inspiration for anyone in this place, even the most demanding visitors to see softened. Choose a suitable location and the other recounting the tale of Dam Trau and Cau Island, swimming, bathing,…

If you want to explore ecosystems such as coastal wetlands in the Mekong Delta, visitors should walk across the rocks to the beach with small lagoon. With many species of submerged vegetation such as water coconut, mangrove trees,… growing on mud ground along streams during the rainy season, water flows down from the top of the canyon and the water becomes warm so called hot stream .

  1. Dam Tre Bay

Con Dao – The attractive destination for tourists- Dam Tre Bay

Dam Tre Bay located in the northeast of the island of Con Son, away from the center of Con Dao National Park about 16 km. This bay is large, deep-rooted in the land, the harmonious combination between the sea and mountains, giving a poetic, charming scenic bay and fresh environment.

This is a tourism destination with impressive wild natural landscapes. If coming here in the spring, visitors will be surprised by the unique and novel beauty of flora and fauna which is rich biodiversity of a tropical sea with mangrove forest, sea grass, coral reefs and marine space.

  1. Ong Dung Beach

Con Dao – The attractive destination for tourists - Ong dung beach

This is a fascinating destination located on Con Son Island, about 3 km from Visitors center to the west. It has beautiful natural scenery, pristine, pure environment. It takes about 1 hour for walking on the trail through the forest from Park visitor center to Ong Dung beach.

  1. Bay Canh Islet

Con Dao – The attractive destination for tourists - Bay Canh Islet

This is the second largest island of the 16 islands of Con Dao. This island has the largest number of Vietnam’s sea turtles. The entire space of the island is covered by tropical primeval forest, with rare, rich flora and fauna. Therefore, Bay Canh Islet is the destination for people who love adventure and conquering nature.

Besides exploring the forest, you do not forget to dive for watching rare coral system here, with a variety of species: plates coral, table form coral, spike shape coral, block coral which have name in Vietnam’s Red Book. It takes you about 1 hour to get to Bay Canh Islet from the center of Con Dao by a ship.

  1. Cau Islet

Con Dao – The attractive destination for tourists - Cau island

Hon Cau, formerly an ancient village Gia Long King, called “Xom Ba Thiet” and played a role as a historical relic, where the French, US soldiers detained the revolutionary patriots.

Today, Hon Cau is an important place to conserve species of rare wildlife such as sea turtles, bird nests. Cau Islet’s Tourism brings visitors a peaceful atmosphere filled with the blue of ocean and the sky, the green of trees.

  1. Ba Islet

Con Dao – The attractive destination for tourists - Ba Islet

Ba Islet has an area of ​​576 hectares, is the third largest island in the archipelago of Con Son. Connect to Con Son Island by a sea mouth named Cua Tu (Death Mouth). It is wide and calm bay, where almost anchorage of fishing boats.

Forest resource here is diversity and abundant with many timbers, rare and endemic animals, such as: long-tailed monkeys, black squirrel, wild pig, lizards, birds…

Getting Ba island ranger station, visitors walk through the tropical forest to the west about 20 minutes to reach Dam Quoc beach, then explore pristine mangrove forests, swimming, snorkeling to see coral, sea ​​creatures, or visitors can conquer climbing Love Peak at with 352m height to observe Ben Dam Bay and the surrounding islands.

According to legend, when Nguyen Anh King said he wanted to save for French invading, and especially wish to send his son – Cai Prince as a hostage for recourse in France.  Lady Phi Yen – his concubine had heartfelt advised him should not involve to French but he did not care anything she said, then had imprisoned her into a cave on the island, since this place was called Ba island.



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