Con Dao Island is in the best season


Con Dao Island is in the best season

Con Dao Island is in the best season

From March to September is the best season in Con Dao Island, is the ideal time to go to Con Dao. At this time, there are not many big waves on the ocean so the beach is calm and perfect for swimming. Even though sometimes there will be rain when it comes to the rainy season (occurs in May to November), the rain in Con Dao doesn’t last long and there is still sunlight for you to sunbathe in. If you are lucky enough, you will even see the turtles laying eggs as this is the turtle breeding season. Besides swimming, you can also join a diving/ snorkeling tour to make the most of the great weather.

Con Dao Island has the natural beauty with pure sea water and fine white sand. That is the reason why it was voted to be one of the most charming destinations in the world. The noisy life of the mainland does not surpass that of the waves and ocean, so Con Dao is ideal for a getaway. Just taking one step into this paradise island will make you not want to leave it ever again.

If you are usually enchanted by long sandy beaches with clear blue water, visiting Con Dao Island is definitely a good option for you. Just wander around the island and you will find many accessible beaches and each with a unique and wild beauty that is unlike any other.

If you are on honeymoon and looking for a quite place with a romantic beach, come here from March to June when the sea is very calm.

For divers, the best time is between February and July as the water is clearest at this time range.

To sea turtles nesting & hatching, guests can come visit from May to October.

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