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A town is surrounded by the blue sea and white smooth sand that seems to spread endlessly with Its sheer granite cliffs, uncrowded beaches and crystal-blue water will satisfy the most demanding traveller. Con Dao Island wins people’s heart by not only its natural enchantment, but also its historical values. Prepare yourself to adore the sandy beaches spread for miles, hidden lagoons, long lines of coconut trees, forested hills, and large coral reefs.

When approaching Co Ong Airport from the air, visitors will see Con Dao open up in full magnificence but unique tranquility. The island boasts its wild beauty highlighted by green mountains and forests. On the way to the town center, over 10 kilometers from the airport, tourists can admire amazing vertical cliffs on one side and the ocean on the other side. The winding road becomes even prettier with a wide variety of wild flowers blooming all the year round. A number of old tropical almond trees are seen lining Con Dao’s coast, catching visitors’ attention.

Coming to Con Dao, tourists often visit Dam Trau Beach close to the airport for relaxation and sightseeing endowed with smooth beaches under the shadow of evergreen trees, fresh air and crystal clear water. To mingle with nature at best, it is a wise idea to go trekking through National Park, where the wildlife is well preserved.

Con Dao is home to a number of relics worthy of attention. In addition to Con Dao prisons, there are Phi Yen (King Gia Long’s second wife) Temple and Prince Cai (King Gia Long’s son) Tomb. If wanting to take further trips, you can follow islanders’ ships to other smaller islands. However, the most interesting part is to watch baby turtles hatch out and return to the sea together with local rangers. Such activity is very important to protect the ecology and natural landscapes.

Let take a virtual journey through Con Dao Island via photos of local people.



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